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Happy New Year of the Chinese

Welcome to our Web presence
The purpose of this web site is to share our work with you. Links will take you to Ward's poetry and prayers for the world

Ward Stothers

Ward grew up as an Irish Catholic in the Bronx New York and moved to California in the late '60s to teach school. Ward rediscovered his poetic gift while at a San Francisco seminary and worked with the Irish in Belfast for six years.

Quon Stothers Associates
Asset Management & Strategic Alliances
Quon Stothers Associates is a collaboration of family and friends successful in personal and corporate asset management. Personal asset management focuses on achieving financial independence through principles of stewardship. Corporate asset management focuses on leadership retention, sustainable building and business practices.

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WardMardaMoved to Belfast in 2008 to work in the community to enliven faith.
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Our newsletters are a monthly chronology of our work.
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